Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the girl.

exam is jus around the corner. & the tense is rising up. i don't know if i can trust you anymore. i've trusted you but you ruin it. i tak pernah terfikir you ada orang lain. you have been good. seriously, i tak sangka. i dah banyak sangat sabar you. you selalu cakap i tak faham you. naeem, selama ni tak nampak ke apa yang i buat untuk you? i sacrifice everything for you. still, you said that i don't understand you. what else do you want? what else that really matters huh?
you said you didn't want me to call you because you wanna be alone. i tak ikut ke? i have been a very very patient girl to you. last night, i really couldn't take it anymore. i broke down because of the girl. i dont really care if she is your friends or what. but i just can't accept that she is rude to me. i have been nice to people okay. put yourself in my shoes naeem. how would you react? dah la you. i penat sgt. makan hati je ni. tolong faham i you. i am letting you go. i depress sgt. i nak exam. you know that kan? i am going far away now. i don't know what's gonna happen now. this very moment, i am giving up! so long ya. i have a future to build. with or without YOU. enough said.

p/s : u have no idea of how much i'd run back to you if you're willing to catch me. its all because I FUCKING LOVE YOU!


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