Monday, March 29, 2010

# truth 1

sometimes i feel like i don't wanna care anymore. i don't wanna feel love. love has tested me enough. i don't know if i can stay anymore. i really don't right now. i don't think straight. but, i know something. i'm HURT. you never change. just when i started to believe that you will change, you let me down. it's really painful. you never know how i really looking forward to see a new you. someone better. i need you to tell that i have to hold on. you know i'd do anything for you. but it looks like you took advantage of me. i know emma won't compromise with you. i maybe soft to you. i don't know how to get mad. or react when i don't feel right. you should know by now. you never loved me like you loved her. that is one thing i know from the start.


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