Monday, March 28, 2011

you might wanna get yourself a mirror lady.

so, this is clearly a hate post. sorry to ruin your day everyone but i have to let things out. here it goes.

hey bitch,

just so you know u don’t have the right to call me cheap because clearly that is what you are. oh i’m sorry that you are so full yourself. the way i see it, you got nothing babe! HAHAHA we never even met. so funny that you can judge me. if u wanna play judging, oh i can judge you. other people can definitely judge u through your facebook page. the way i look at you, ohhh you are wayyyyy down girl. i tell you, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy doooowwwnnnn. you don’t even finish your SPM. what makes you better than me? because you are sexier? fatter? haha funny! just a gentle reminder, it didn’t make you look so hot. it makes you look easy cheesy breezy baby! ohh and another thing, you were born MUSLIM. atleast, act like one. don’t wear a cross necklace just because your current boyfriend is a Christian. it makes you look stupid. if you are that stupid, just don’t show it to the world because you will be ashamed later. I’m not that great but i know my flaws and i am soooo not full of myself. You just got a new job. You said you are a P.A or should i say PERSONAL ASSISTANT..? hahaha this is even funnier baby girl, a P.A doesn’t stay in the office much and have time to be online. facebook-ing and chatting. so, i assume you are just a receptionist who picks up call. “If” there is any call. HAHAHA a repeat reminder, DON’T BE SO FULL OF YOURSELF girl. IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID. and by the way, you said that u are so great that you act like you are better than me. Raincheck. if u wanna chat with me, learn how to spell please. oh and English is important for a P.A. you might wanna learn it. Remember where you come from alright. A village somewhere in Sandakan. waitt.. where is sandakan..? hahaha SO, act like one. Atleast show some respect not bragged about the life that you don’t even have. HAHAHA enough rantings, adios loser.

next time you point your finger, i'll take you to the mirror. HAHAHA

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello followers! :) macam ramai je kan. HAHA so what? atleast ade.. well, eventually i wanna post about my new hair. hahaha i know it's lame. but, i love my new hair colour. aww thanks to LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOUR!

after searching for weeks for the perfect colour, finally i choose this colour. CHIFFON BEIGE! the colour is so bright but i just wanna give it a try. so, i went to Sasa with naeem and bought it. i am a happy person at that time. my bf insist that this colour suits me, let's see the results. :D

Before and it was blackkkk :D

tadaaaaaaaa. look at the colour... :) im lovin it!

ohh and my hair turns out to be smooth. really soft! :) i rate this bubble hair colour 9/10. you guys should try it! * credits to yasmin nabilah for recommending me this hair dye*

with love, muahhh!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011

Event Date : 15 – 17 April, 2011
Event Venue : DAMAI PURI Resort & Spa,Kuching Malaysia

Happening this April, FLIPFLOPS Beach Carnival offers beach and partygoers around the region, a retreat of ecstasy in beach activities, water sport, music, dance, art and festivities. An escape, away from your usual hectic lifestyle, what is there not to love?

With that in mind, this carnival is brought based entirely on the goal to keep everyone joyfully entertained throughout the all-day events.

Wow effects – Hot Air Balloon Rides
Come and experience the magic of hot air balloon ride. Grab this chance to launch into the sheer joy of being high in mid air and coupled with the breath-taking sea view and beautiful lush greenery of Mount Santubong as backdrop. How’s that for a new Facebook profile picture snap!

Sensation – Mini Concert and music, music, MUSIC
Della Ding’s (??) rise to super stardom have swept the music scene with hits after hits since 2007. Her newly released chart topping fifth album Soulmate in January 2011 have further stamp her popularity as Queen of KTV. Della Ding’s mini concert at Flipflops Beach Carnival surely leave the party goers wanting for more. Let’s ENCORE for more!

Following by the 1st night mini-concert, second night will bring you up another notch with all international line up of top Deejays.

USA: Davide Succi (World Top 100 DJ) and Theron Welch (Guitarist)
Davide Succi, ranked among the 100 Top Djs worldwide, proudly proposes his unique style of happy house music. With many gigs at fashion shows and luxury parties around the world under his belt, his special sound mix, crowd reading ability and MC interaction draw the crowd right into the show.

Theron joined with Davide Succi to explore the possibilities between guitar and DJ in 2010. The two began their music journey together to crowd the party satisfactory.

INDONESIA: DJ Delizious Devina and Lee Ya (Singer)
Delizious Devina has seductively carved her name onto the fast growing list of elite DJs all over Indonesia starting from the year of 2005. Revolutionizing the face of the common male/female DJ icons we had become accustomed to, by creating a new phenomenon; the “Electric Barbarellas” (The first female duo in Indonesia). This provocative partnership impressed all music lovers with their uncanny ability to dish up ready-made dance floor fusion, creating a unique party atmosphere that so many other labels lacked. Dance music just got kinky.

Started her career in Asia Bagus competition in the year of 2000, finally on the year of 2009 Leeya released her debut album with tittle “My Dreams” and with Hit Single “Bohong”. Starting to collaborate with DJ Delizious Devina to promote DJ Delizious Devina new singles and there is no doubt that Leeya voice is remarkably amazing.

Exciting Beach Activities
From water sports to photography competitions, the all-day programs offer wide range of fun filled activities such as jet-ski, banana boat ride, kite flying, sand castle building, eating competitions, body art, mural painting and many more.

“20 miles to 10 thousand smiles” Charity Race
With fun comes laughter and smile. Therefore, FLIPFLOPS Beach Carnival creates this platform to contribute to charitable body to help create even more smiles by organizing a charity race. Fund raised from this charity race will be donated to the appointed charity body. Participants of the race are to complete a 20miles long race involving cycling ad running.

FlipFlops Beach Carnival 2011 Mini Concert & Rave Party Ticketing Information:

Mini Concert & Rave Party:
15th April 2011 – Mini Concert* RM80 nett (standard) and RM120 nett (VIP – limited to 500 tickets)
16th April 2011 – Rave Party* RM80 nett

* Both mini concert and rave party ticket holder are waived from Beach Carnival entrance pass of RM15 (Adult) and RM8 (Children below 12)

Accommodation package:
15th April 2011
RM488 nett
1 deluxe room with 2 buffet breakfasts, 2 buffet dinner and 2 VIP mini concert tickets

16th April 2011
RM488 nett
1 deluxe room with 2 buffet breakfasts, 2 buffet dinner and 2 Rave party tickets

Tickets are available through the following channel:
(1) TicketCharge’s online & phone booking +603 9222 8811
(2) Selected Speedy’s outlets from 14th March onwards:
Kuching : Wisma Saberkas, The Spring Mall and Hock Lee Center
Miri: Bintang Plaza (2), Imperial Mall and Boulevard Shopping Complex

Friday, March 4, 2011

Missing Baby Cammy!

The reason i posted this video is because i miss her soo much! mesti dah besar kan sekarang. ohh i wanna come home! :'( you guys should watch how cute and adorable she is! enjoyyy~~

The Boyfriend

The best part of me is always YOU! :) iloveyou

Saturday, February 26, 2011

camwhoring much? ;P

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the longest time

Well hello everyone! :) i know it's been so long since my last post. Im sorry to neglect blogger. Aww. I have been busy with study and life lessons. Oh and one of the reason why i didn't update is because my laptop is not working very well! This post is basically from my phone. Sorry for any lacks in this post. I really need to update this. I will update it sooooonnnn okay babies? :) for god's sake, we are in 2011! My last post was in 2010. Sorry for the delay. I lost my mojo! Will start blogging again soon as i got my mojo back! That's all for now loveliesss.

With love,

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