Thursday, March 11, 2010


what should i do now? i dont think i can compromise anymore. every single minutes i've been checking my phone. and it's still nothing. for the past 48 hours, u have been away. i dont know why but you switched off your phone. was is something i say? i do? or maybe you have something going on that i dont even know about it? sampai bila nak buat i macam ni? sakit tahu tak? i dah terlalu banyak makan hati. sakit hati. semuanya i tahan. this is not the way to test my love. you tested me enough. i have been fighting my heart off for 4 years. is it not enough? if you have anything at all, let me know. we've been good together. or should i say GREAT! i dah give up. i know that statement is selfish. but, what is the right thing? i dah cuba dah untuk jadi yang terbaik. tapi, you tak pernah nampak. thanks alot. despite everything, i love you so much. that is what make me stay this far.

whatever it is, i'll be waiting.
love, please appreciate me. i need strength.


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cool? means? wait.. who are you?

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