Friday, January 22, 2010


it's 7.oo am in the morning. i can't sleep. i've been crying since midnight. i dunno what happen to me. i've been feeling all low this whole week. i can't control my anger. i speak without thinking. i get mad easily. i'm too sensitive. i'm going back to matrics tomorrow and i am a mess. i don't do my homework, assignments and study at all. sorry to you if i am not being able to control myself. i swear to god it is all beyond my expectations. i am becoming bipolar nowadays. one minute i am absolutely okay and the next i am pissed. i don't understand myself either. i just need you to be with me for this whole week because i am depressed. i am far away from you. i am holding on to all the things that can keep me stronger every single day. i guess i've lost the battle. i can't control my patience. you don't know how bad i miss you. i'm sorry for not listening and understanding what you were saying. i know i've been rude to you and i go against you but i didn't mean any of it. we both got issues. i'm so sorry again. i know i've been so hard on you this week. believe me, i don't want any of it. i don't know what i rebel to actually. i just need to let it out. i hope you would understand but obviously you don't. i don't know if we can make it anymore. maybe you wouldn't wanna be with me. but for the sake of love, please reconsider. i've gone through enough. you have no idea how i deal with all of it. just once, i need you to think and show me what is the meaning of love that i have always wanted from you. maybe i am not the best you have ever had but atleast i wanna be in some place in your heart. i hope we could make it work again, we have been so great together. just i lost my way & i need you to get me back on track. we both have to change and learn. that's all i guess.

i love you so much! ;( & i'm really sorry.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the beginning

every ending has a beginning. my love story starts again. i have always been in love with that person since the first time i know how to love. after all i think you're worth the wait. now i'm happy to have you by my side.

welcome back ;)
i'll keep updating later. XOXO

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