Wednesday, April 14, 2010

home again.

okay. today i woke up with a really loooonnnngggg smile on my face. :) you know why? ahaaa! because i'm homeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! yeahh! it feels good! hihi i arrived in jb yesterday evening. i was so damn excited as i passed the skudai tol. hehe after having a short but quality time with my mother, i'm out! meaning i'm going out to catch what i missed since i left this place. surprisingly, many things changed. i mean johor bahru is developing quite well wehh. ouhh i'm impressed! i'm out meeting him. we missed each other soo much! motif aku nak sampai jb cepat adalah sebab dia. :) kan baby kan? hehe. we went out for dinner with idzhar and qiela. they are the best! kami meronda jb dengan girangnya.. haha pergi danga bay melayan lagu di tepi lautan mmg merileks kan. senang cerita, romantik la konon. bweek! in the end, we had a great night. for both of us, the love grow stronger each day.

baby, i love you forever and always. :)


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