Saturday, July 17, 2010

# another phase in my life

i simply wanna write this post because i need to let out something big in me. it hurts me a lot for this past weeks. i've been holding my breath for you. i did say bad things to you. i've been disrespectful and i really lost my patience. baby, i lost track & i don't know why. since we've been apart, we have changed. i've seen you change in a very good way. i am very happy because that is what i've been praying for. suddenly, distance took it all away. maybe it's US that cannot bare the distance. the way i see it, it really makes us parting even more. since i left JB for KUCHING and since you left JB for KL, we both changed. but i don't think i changed that much. if u wanna know, i changed because u changed. naeem, i am indeed happy with you for the past 3 months. because i've seen u grown up and become someone i've been wishing for. you worked, you took responsibilities. you really put a smile on my face back then. i want you in that way. in that healthy way. with that, i can trust you to be my future. i don't care if you don't earn much. i don't care if i don't get expensive things from you. all i care is US to be happy and stay that way! i think we lost it once again. it kills me here baby! i don't want to enter this phase in this fucking life ever again. i dah pernah lalui ini semua dengan you dulu. kenapa i kena lalui sekali lagi? fyi, this phase the hardest and painful for me. why are we back there? why? back to the very first step in our relationship. i've been praying to not go back there because i see improvements. i see promise. i see love. BUT, clearly. it all never touches your life the way it touches mine. you wanna go back to where we started, fine! let's just go back there but i don't know if i can make it this time. because i don't see the person i used to be anymore. i am not strong. i've been weak naeem. really weak. please understand. i need you to lift me up and go through it once again. just think about it and us out from here. baby, i mean it! we never gonna survive this phase if we stay any longer in it. trust me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the night.

akak pearl :)

marissa edwin :)

pemandu tidak berhemah. HAHA *puke*

had fun with you guys eh? *wink*

Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekends in sarawak.

while waiting for the movie, we played this thing. i don't know what they call it. :)

miss pearl and me. :) she is feakin tall wehhh HAHAHA

againn.. meet pearl :) we had fun!

tadaaaa. :)

candid taken by pearl :) mengada tak ada keje kann..

our love balloon :) <3

my saviour :) meet pearl && yana. i had fun with u guys. awesome!

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