Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what i should feel?

okay. first of all, i'm fucking hurt right now. i just pretend that it didn't happen. but it did!

imagine if you found out that ur boyfriend send this to someone random. how would you feel?

#random girl 1

thanks ya..

u hot..!

how r u?

n u have ym or msn?

#random girl 2

Wednesday, 7 April, 2010 3:08:28 AM


u have msn..


bored lorh...

FYI, 7th april is not that long. i was on my finals. damn! sakit sgt tahu tak? u xnk i fikir bukan2 tp knp u buat? i trusted u! plus, i never know u have msn! fuckk!

dear, if u really want that type of girl. just go ahead. i can't compete with them. who am i all this fucking while huh? i am giving up. u nak sgt, pergi la ok. i xtahu ape lagy yang tak cukup dkt i ni. i am not hot or whatever u call it. but u know one thing for sure, i love you just sooo much until i can't see where i'm at. :( what i should feel? how i should react? do u ever think of me? i guess NO! it's obvious.


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