Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what should i feel? to be left for the second time? all those sacrifices that i have gone through? the patience, the pain, the hurt and agony. is all mixed up. i love you so much that i sacrifice every single thing for you. is it not enough? am i not good enough? you should know. you could see how i have been so strong through all these years. you left me once, now you wanna do it again. how long do you want me to wait for you this time?

Just say goodbye. You can say it when you get up from the couch. You can say it at the door. I will say it when you get to your car. I'll scream it as you drive away. -i wrote this for you-

When you have to leave someone you love, someone who makes you feel so entirely and extra complete, it’s as if all the emotional and metaphysical connection becomes all too visceral and you suddenly have to pull yourselves apart from where you were linked, gut to gut. You bleed into your own hands and know that it’s temporary, that the connection that grew from afar will grow in place again before the next time you see each other but it’s hard to think of anything besides the distance for the moment.

you will always be in my heart. i promise.


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