Sunday, February 21, 2010


it's 3.10am now. i can't sleep. i don't know why. too much thinking i guess. i haven't been stable for this whole week. my mood has been up and down. today, i feel like i'm useless to you. everything that i do is not right. it's like, i am never right for you. the littlest thing that i do, was never right. what else should i do to satisfy you? to less your burden? u told me that u could be bored if i continue to be this way. the point is, what is it? i should understand you. i am trying here. you should understand me too. you should know i'm fragile by now. it hurts to fix things myself. and not knowing what is wrong with me. i love you so much that i can still stand. patience is what gets me this far. i know that u have been on a cloudy day. somehow, i wanna be there and i wanna understand. but, you just won't let me. i don't know what u really want me to be.
whatever it is, i need you! i don't wanna lose you again!


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