Monday, March 28, 2011

you might wanna get yourself a mirror lady.

so, this is clearly a hate post. sorry to ruin your day everyone but i have to let things out. here it goes.

hey bitch,

just so you know u don’t have the right to call me cheap because clearly that is what you are. oh i’m sorry that you are so full yourself. the way i see it, you got nothing babe! HAHAHA we never even met. so funny that you can judge me. if u wanna play judging, oh i can judge you. other people can definitely judge u through your facebook page. the way i look at you, ohhh you are wayyyyy down girl. i tell you, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy doooowwwnnnn. you don’t even finish your SPM. what makes you better than me? because you are sexier? fatter? haha funny! just a gentle reminder, it didn’t make you look so hot. it makes you look easy cheesy breezy baby! ohh and another thing, you were born MUSLIM. atleast, act like one. don’t wear a cross necklace just because your current boyfriend is a Christian. it makes you look stupid. if you are that stupid, just don’t show it to the world because you will be ashamed later. I’m not that great but i know my flaws and i am soooo not full of myself. You just got a new job. You said you are a P.A or should i say PERSONAL ASSISTANT..? hahaha this is even funnier baby girl, a P.A doesn’t stay in the office much and have time to be online. facebook-ing and chatting. so, i assume you are just a receptionist who picks up call. “If” there is any call. HAHAHA a repeat reminder, DON’T BE SO FULL OF YOURSELF girl. IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID. and by the way, you said that u are so great that you act like you are better than me. Raincheck. if u wanna chat with me, learn how to spell please. oh and English is important for a P.A. you might wanna learn it. Remember where you come from alright. A village somewhere in Sandakan. waitt.. where is sandakan..? hahaha SO, act like one. Atleast show some respect not bragged about the life that you don’t even have. HAHAHA enough rantings, adios loser.

next time you point your finger, i'll take you to the mirror. HAHAHA


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