Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello followers! :) macam ramai je kan. HAHA so what? atleast ade.. well, eventually i wanna post about my new hair. hahaha i know it's lame. but, i love my new hair colour. aww thanks to LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOUR!

after searching for weeks for the perfect colour, finally i choose this colour. CHIFFON BEIGE! the colour is so bright but i just wanna give it a try. so, i went to Sasa with naeem and bought it. i am a happy person at that time. my bf insist that this colour suits me, let's see the results. :D

Before and it was blackkkk :D

tadaaaaaaaa. look at the colour... :) im lovin it!

ohh and my hair turns out to be smooth. really soft! :) i rate this bubble hair colour 9/10. you guys should try it! * credits to yasmin nabilah for recommending me this hair dye*

with love, muahhh!


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