Sunday, August 1, 2010

when things got out of hand.

my love,

i know things have been ugly between us. we are falling apart. we both change in so many ways. i'm sorry for acting the way i shouldn't. but baby, every action have its reasons. it doesn't matter what the reasons are. again baby, sorry i hurt you. things just got out of hand. i started to think for myself. i stop thinking how you feel. i stop caring. i am selfish enough to do such things. maybe this is something we need to rediscover ourselves and the point of having this relationship. start to think back on the things that had done between us, makes me think that my love to you is selfish. i can't bear losing you again. i hurt myself by hurting you. i feel bad about it. i really do. my ego has made me into someone i never wanted to be. a time off is something we need right now. some time on our own will make us think harder, love deeper and miss stronger. i just hope we survive this obstacle. i need you to hold on. please hold on to the things that makes us happy. it what gets me this far. i love you so much. i would do anything to change everything.

leena <3


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