Saturday, May 29, 2010

something about us.

i don't know what's got into me these days. really. my emotional is really unstable. i wish that someone knew what is wrong with me. i get mad easily. i cursed. i say things that i don't really remember. i say things i will regret. & the saddest part is i say things that can hurt others. especially him. i am so sorry for my disrespect towards you baby. i really don't know why i acted without any thinking. i say bad words. i am not that type of girl. you know it!

baby i need you to know that i am human. i am just a simple girl with flaws. my moods don't always stay the same. i need you to understand that. maybe those littlest thing that u don't know about me. these days i guess i need a little extra attention. especially from YOU. but baby i know u are going through stuff.& im sorry for the way i acted. i haven't been a supportive girlfriend to you. i have been very very selfish. maybe the situation that we face now makes me stupid and selfish. i should be blamed for all this. baby, i just need you to hold on for a little while. please go through it with me. and for god sake, i don't have anyone else! seriously i don't! you have your right to think bad about me but believe me. i only have you!

you must have been thinking that the LOVE is not there anymore. for me, it's always there. it's always been you. it's just that, the situation dragged me into hole that i don't even wanna be at. like i said, i need you to hold on. this is temporary baby! soon it will be over. i promise you.

my love,
maybe this is our challenged. take it and go through it. we will survive. i assure you. we both have issues right now. i understand that. because of that, i think we need to take a time apart. we need time to reinvent ourselves. to know who we really are. i have become someone i don't wanna be. i am disappointed at myself. so, i need time. i know you need time on your own too. sometimes, we need to just listen. one more thing, sayang tolong jangan samakan i dengan emma. i can't bear to hear her name. because some part of me saying you still love her. im sorry for all the wrong doings. it hurts me to hear such things baby. if only u could read everything that i wrote, you would know me even better. find a way to know me well my love. i need you to do it!

i thought distance isn't a barrier for us. but i am totally wrong. it is something for us. i can't be far away from you. maybe because you complete me. despite everything, i love you so much sayang!
you are my whole heart! always have, always will be! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sakit nya awakk!

Mon, March 15, 2010 5:38:44 AM
Re: meet up this week?
naem aliff Add to Contacts
Sweety wilkerson
hye sweety..i'm so i'm late to read ur msg...rite..?so..sorry again..
so how r u sweety..?ermm..where r u now..?

From: Sweety wilkerson To: Sweetywilkerson380@gmx.comSent: Fri, February 5, 2010 7:03:54 PMSubject: meet up this week?
Hey you.. how u been? remember me from IM.Live ?? hope this is still your email addy :) so guess what? im moving RIGHT near ya in 10 days! Wanna hang out? Im single now too.. i attached my pic incase u forgot about me.. add me on messenger.. i dont use emial much. IM online now.. add me - I prefer A.I,M ---> Y-A_HO-O - grensasi & A_I-M - chanelhiphop

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